Know more about NHL® FaceOff™ 2003 Game. A player with the puck will often lose the puck when working around the boards. The last in the series was “NHL FaceOff 2003,” initially published in 2002. NHL FACE-OFF 2003 is the all-new Career Mode, allowing you to play the role of General Manager for an NHL team. The player puck movement was the worst aspect of the game and Faceoff suffers from this same problem. NHL FaceOff 2003 offers a good variety of game modes. This is the best way to keep the lasting ability of NHL Faceoff 2003, just like in 2001, you can hold a draft of all the existing players in the NHL and build your team with the type of players you think have what it takes to be champions. You can take all the NHL teams, the all … PlayStation 2 NHL FaceOff 2003. NHL FaceOff 2003 is an ice hockey video game made by SolWorks and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America, released on the PlayStation 2.It features then-Colorado Avalanche defenceman Rob Blake on its cover.Mike Emrick and Darren Pang return from the game's predecessor, NHL FaceOff 2001, to provide commentary. Players: 8 Simultaneous : Year: 2002: File size: 2.1 GB: SCUS-97220 NHL FaceOff 2003 is a substandard hockey game. NHL Faceoff 2003 seems to remind me of ESPN National Hockey Night which came out in the fiscal year of 2001 for Playstation and was even worse than Faceoff. Users are able to build a team using drafts, free agency, trades, and … ... 4 Worst: NHL Faceoff 2003. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for NHL Face Off 2003 at There are times when a game is so rough that it sets a series way back. (NHL seasons spanning parts of two years often makes these titles feel a little confusing, right?) Find great deals on eBay for faceoff hockey game. Almost every review was glowing for a reason. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Sony's winter sports series receives a facelift with the release of NHL FaceOff 2003, the PlayStation 2's second hockey title under the 989 Sports brand. Shop with confidence. The game engine has been retooled to offer more than 700 new animations, and both the player models and 3D arenas have been redesigned for more realism. The soundtrack was ideal for the era. Get NHL® FaceOff™ 2003, Sports, Hockey game for PS2 console from the official PlayStation® website.

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