You can read the Meropis story. May 2011 And the latter should follow from the former. Two different things. No arguments? The probable coastline of the mythical land Atlantis: Depending on the age of the sea levels — preceding the historical people of Atlantis, the Minoans, by some 5 millennia. I have a deep understanding for you that you are confused with the categories of logos and mythos, and the types of mythos, applying here. How much time and money have you spent on physically trying to find it and verifying all your hundred of thousands of words? Ancient History From studying the Meropis story and comparing it to the Atlantis story, there can be much learned about and from the differences. NO. January 2015 NO. The Tuatha de Danaan invaded Ireland in prehistoric times. He shows us once more that most ancients did not perceive the Atlantis story as an invention. @Hanslune: But I feel that you thrill yourself by believing to be some kind of champion of facts. See how easy that is? Departure or disappearance of Atlantis-island vessel and the devastating tsunami that followed forced the people of the Sea to take refuge on the nearest land. August 2019 These questions have not been answered in an sufficient way, until today, neither positive nor negative. All other civilizations have left massive archaeological footprints. [Modern Southern Turkey undoubtedly included a colony of Atlanteans in the past, as well … They are considered one of the major contributing causes to the Bronze Age Collapse (c. 1250-c.1150 BCE) and were once regarded as the primary cause. Erick Wright, a regular contributor to Atlantis Rising forums, has now concluded(b) that Atlantis was located in modern southern Turkey and that Atlanteans were among the Sea Peoples who attacked Egypt in 1200 BC. var d=new Date(); @Americanegro: Thanks for the info. NO. 451-512. Atlantis was a different vehicle to get at some of his favorite themes." The Sea Peoples are a purported seafaring confederation that attacked ancient Egypt and other regions of the East Mediterranean prior to and during the Late Bronze Age collapse (1200–900 BCE). Bob Idjennaden along with co-author, Mebarek S. Taklit, have produced The Mysterious Sea Peoples attack Egypt[1195], which provides an overview of the various incursions against Egypt during the 2nd millennium BC. June 2017 You STILL don't have any physical evidence? On the other hand Egerton Sykes was of the opinion that the Tuatha de Danaan were refugees from Atlantis, an idea he expressed in his 1949 edition of Ignatius Donnelly’s Atlantis. March 2020 But it is not an invention, it is a mistake. Is it really so difficult to admit that there is an open question and the answer still has to be given?! lol You know, someone who can work within a script. November 2013 Knights Templar Spanuth suggested Frisians, Saxons, and Danes. This is confirmed by other ancient authors, e.g. The phrase ‘Sea Peoples’ was never used in any ancient accounts. Historical-critical. They're using Zachary Quinto as their featured talent !! Historical-critical. @Americanegro: 0 seconds of real effort versus decades of gibberish? Your comment will be posted after it is approved. The capital city of Atlantis (home of the North Sea people) lay on an island, in the estuary of great rivers. Phaedon and the Republic. Yet this says nothing about the reality status of Atlantis. Latest; Featured posts; Most popular; 7 days popular; By review score; Random; Sea people ... Odysseus in Mesoamerica, Ogygia and Atlantis in Greek myth. How "People of the Sea" Came to Be The Egyptians originally coined the name "Peoples of the Sea" for the foreign contingents that the Libyans brought in to support their attack on Egypt in c. 1220 BC during the reign of Pharaoh Merneptah. May 2017 Endless mental masturbation over Atlantis. He identifies the Sea Peoples who attacked Egypt in the 1200s BCE as offshoots from the inhabitants of Atlantis. June 2020 Plato did really mean to leave off the Critias dialogue in the middle of a sentence and therefore the story of Atlantis incomplete. Not that different. On one side those idiots who say it's true and yet provide no substantial material proof, nor logical justification, in the absence of the proof, to those other idiots on the other side who are materialistic in nature, and want their 5 senses thrilled with tangible proof. When it comes to being for or against something, for which absolute proof cannot be had, it is asinine to argue vehemently, which then escalates to insulting one another. Having noted that Dan/Don/Danu were ancient words for water, it is not such a wild supposition that the Tuatha de Danaan were at least a constituent part of the Sea Peoples, an idea promoted by Leonardo Melis. Incidentally, several ancient Mediterranean civilizations, … This does not help us so much. Perhaps I'm pretending to know Plato, and just taunting you as you do others. My search for Atlantis has all been with the mind's eye, which is very cheap versus the financial requirements in seeking Atlantis with physical eyes and for the palpable proof of a materialistic nature. The last one I did sent a crew here to Albany. Give me evidence of a tale that existed BEFORE Plato's dialogue was written, and THEN we can talk about how "real" Atlantis was. Historical-critical. You: "Sigh ... why do you always flee into word-mongering in the end?" Thank you Jason, great work. Ufos And therefore, the 9000 years of Plato's Atlantis could fall into the same category: Not an invention, but a mistake, common at that time. September 2016 Historical-critical. So it's your opinion that one story is real and the other isn't about it. For readers not familiar with historical criticism, this information has to be added to understand von Christ's thesis. "You may scream and shout..." DON'T BE AN ASS. The second statement is more probable as the Atlanteans had enough military to take down 4-5 civilizations. Instead small roving bands were a symptom of the collapse, not the cause, and they were blown out of proportion by Egyptian propagandists working for Ramasses III.” (ai). That you now start to talk of a "world-wide" civilization reveals that you are still stuck in beliefs which can be compared to Biblical literalists' beliefs. You failed to establish the pervasion. October 2015 Thank you. "To conclude from the invention of the dialogues on the invention of Atlantis is no valid conclusion." Once you start reinterpreting P. you basically can justify everything. How about 'No Atlantis'? White Nationalism, January 2021 If we had any reason to suppose that an Island of Atlantis existed then we wouldn't have any evidence that the so called Sea peoples didn't come from there. The attack ended in their defeat and captivity with many being incorporated into the Egyptian military to defend their northern border with the Hittites. If so, any parents or relatives who could take the child for two to four days while you are out of town? March 2017 I would be interesting to see how much of it still remains. //]]> Ancient Astronauts NO. Franke why do you reject the work of Emil Forrer? What is all the confusion about, the civilization we call Atlantis was destroyed when Santorini blew up and ended what we call the Minoan, an Aegean bronze age civilization. The Malagabay website published a lengthy article(t) in July 2016, offering evidence along with some conjecture, supporting the radical idea that the Sea Peoples had originated in India and having migrated westward, some of them reached the Aegean and became known as Dorians! NO. The phrase ‘Sea Peoples’ was never used in any ancient accounts. We don't assume Hogwarts or Narnia are real for the same reason. This spiral motif can be found etched … The Sea Peoples are the same as the Atlanteans. The Sea Peoples must have greatly desired the fertile farmlands of the Nile delta. "Story" of course is the Ancient Greek meaning of μῦθος . but just the same! Then the results from a historical-critical approach (in order to know exactly for what we are looking), and criticism of prevailing hyptheses. February 2016 Not that it forbidden just that you do so to justify your belief. January 2013 attacked the Egyptians around 2500 BCE, rather than the Athenians (as per Plato) around 9000 BCE, Mental masturbation would be a case where one is excited by an original idea, meaning, self though and completely independent of external excitement. Historical-critical. It is funny how Atlantis skeptics desperately stick to their claim, although one argument after the other slips through their fingers. Actually it was meant as a general reply to the subject and to the nature of the discussions of the thread, and not as an admonition on the stand you take on Atlantis. Sea people. Caesar's writings are political propaganda texts! Okay, story, tale, narrative, report. Historical-critical. Based on the paper presented by Sanford Holst at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco on June 28, 2005. I also note that you are obsessed with the term, masturbation, no wonder, when thrill is the objective. The author of the article appears to have followed the ideas of Edward Pococke published in his India in Greece[1231]. April 2016 And what Critias makes of it: Therefore, I can say that I have spent, as you ask, not hundreds of thousands, but only 8,000 or 9,000 words, depending if I count as the crow flies, or a dove. May 2016 11000 years old. I know this is heresy for the classicists, but with all the lost Greek treasures - the other plays of Sophocles, Aeschylus, Aristophanes, and their contemporaries, epic songs contemporary with Homer, etc. Archaeology So let me see if I get this straight - It's just not worth going all the way to Europe to shoot 3 minutes of video! December 2012 God only knows the truth. One of the latest to join this school is Dr. Rainer W. Kühne,who not only makes the same identification, but using satellite images, he believes that he has pinpointed the capital of Atlantis in Southern Spain. (x) Can there be substantiated any connection between the Egyptian reports about the Sea Peoples, historical facts about them, and Plato's Atlantis story? Historical-critical. The confusion surrounding the Sea Peoples is exemplified by the response to a question on the website(af). September 2013 To sum up, You: "It's not a mythos but it's a particular sort of mythos in spite of Plato either not saying it's a mythos or saying it's not a mythos, depending on the day of the week." August 2010 @Americanegro: On a sunny day , and that would work for the project they have at hand. Historical-critical. Yes? You people do not understand Plato. Last outstanding publication will be the place itself, and its embedding in known history (it is a known civilization, of course). February 2011 Christ’s idea was also supported to varying degrees by Theodor Gomperz, Spyridon Marinatos, John V. Luce, Herwig Görgemanns >and Ulrich Hofmann.<, Cyprian Broodbank in The Making of the Middle Sea [1127] argues that the Sea People “never actually existed as a single people. Eberhard Zangger argues that the Sea Peoples were survivors of the Trojan War that fled to various parts of both central and eastern Mediterranean(g). Have you ever READ Plato's dialogues? So when do you expect to find physical evidence of Atlantis? No matter how much you push words around it will never solves the problem basic problem - of no Atlantis. Furthermore, the source of the Meropis story is explicitly mythical (a Silen). Is is absolutely crucial to realize that ancient Greeks thought of Egypt to be at least ca. Do you read Middle Ages chroniclers literally? We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. I said I am currently in the process of publishing. It's great fun the way you ask questions then answer them on behalf of your interlocutor. June 2015 Alternative History Historical-critical. The Oxford Companion to the Bible[605] is certain that the Sea Peoples were originally Mycenaean, who moved south, following the collapse of their civilisation at the end of the Late Bronze Age. And believe me: You only can go fail, here. This is the key point in understanding it as a story. Homer writes Atlantis was a Bronze Age top city on an island with spirals of water and islands around it. I hope that you are not sad that I have arguments to present, whereas you have not? Another Atlantis Rising forum(e)on the subject  is also worth a look as is another illustrated site(f) which includes a map of the  homelands of the Sea People. [CDATA[ Thou shalt not put words in my mouth. Science I see your wording "Not that different" as the admittance that there is indeed some sort of difference. Historical-critical. Meet me in Atlantis by Mark Adams Sunken Kingdom by Peter James 1177 BC by Eric Cline Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Mediterranean c.1400 BC–1000 BC by Andrea Salimbeti & Raffaele D’Amato Seagoing Ships & Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant by Shelley Wachsmann Exodus to Arthur by Mike Baillie Papers Why don't all these Atlantis enthusiasts instead concentrate on looking for Plato's famous cave, where so many poor people have been trapped staring at shadows for thousands of years? Howdy Frank I can never remember the name of the guy that said this one, not when I need to, anyways. I'm saying it's a story. Sorry, your conclusions are logical fallacies. NO. February 2013 September 2019 And he also, purposely, did not write the two other dialogues I mentioned. So Tertullian's opinion doesn't count. An extensive review of all the available material relating to the Sea Peoples was also published online in October 2015(q). Federico Bardanzellu  offers a number of papers on his Museo dei Dolmen website(n) in which he suggests specific homelands for many of the members of the alliance(o). It would have saved us all so much wasted energy with this idiotic Atlantis stuff and granted one less hook for the nuts to grab hold of. Horror Historical-critical. January 2019 '”, In his book, The Luwian Civilisation [1217.20], Zangger makes the interesting point that “Sea Peoples with feather crowns bear the name Tekker, which is reminiscent of ‘Teucer’, a term commonly used for the Trojans after 1200 BCE.”. The North Sea peoples (Atlanteans) were notable seafarers with a fleet of 1200 war ships. XVII, 2nd part, Munich 1886, pp. September 2017 @Hanslune: Historical-critical. As I said at first, both sides are wrong because both sides claims to know. Pyramids "He glorified his victories in Gaul, and omitted what was not so pleasant." @Brian: Fall of the Hittites. Eckart Kahlhofer has recently suggested that even earlier, J. F. Champollion (1790 –1832) employed an equivalent term gens navales to describe the occupants of the invading swan-necked boats. It certainly seems like it. Meropis is not referring to Plato's Atlantis. At first glance it looks odd, yet with some background knowledge these two different events could be brought into connection. You may scream and shout about it as long as you like it, it does not change anything: To conclude from the invention of the dialogues on the invention of Atlantis is no valid conclusion. Some Atlantis hypotheses consider the Israelites to be descendents of Atlantis, as did already Eurenius 1754 or Baer 1762. "[T]he effort to make Atlantis real dies hard.". The Atlantis logos: Jason, Having spent most of my adult working life, involved, in way way or another with motion picture and television production, I can tell you that you were treated very unprofessionally and the "Oscar nominated auteur" ( who I wished you'd named ) would never be able to pull such crap in a REAL production. It is a mess. NO. Zangger claims that the Sea Peoples were an alliance of Libyans and Western Anatolian (Luwian) states(s)(y), which seems odd since Plato describes the Atlanteans as mightier than Libya and Asia combined. And to answer your questions, I have not spent hardly any money on seeking out Atlantis, except for a few dollars on Plato's books, and a couple more on one or two books on claims of "Atlantis found". November 2017 It's quite common ( especially to save production costs ) to put the "experts" in front of a green screen or in a small set in a rented studio with a second unit crew to shoot those segments. LOL Something is clearly wrong with his theory. The Templars, the Holy Grail, & Henry Sinclair, Rosslyn Chapel and the 'Prentice's Pillar, Chronology and the "Riddle of the Sphinx", The Life and Death of Crown Prince Rudolf. Historical-critical. (x) Is the historical core big enough to call Atlantis real? You've been working on this for what 20 years and you STILL don't know where it is? September 2011 The most radical suggestion regarding the Sea Peoples has come from Jim Allen who has drawn attention to the similarity of their headgear with that of Amazonian ‘Indians’(c). But the real timing becomes obvious when the Bronze Age came to an end at the same time when the rains stopped in Egypt: 1400-1200 BC. Historical-critical. King Arthur And by proceeding on this way you can maybe (you do not know this in adavance) find Atlantis as a real place. Have fun pretending. He also comments that identifying the Shekelesh with Sicily and the Shardana with Sardinia is based in part on the ‘consonantal similarities’[p.4].>In a separate paper he suggests that “the chaos and destructions wrought by the Sea Peoples may have created a power vacuum which allowed the Israelites to take over the land of  Canaan.” <. Dear Hanslue, The legend of Atlantis is a story about a moral, spiritual people who lived in a highly advanced, utopian civilization. And I mean that there are idiots on both sides of the argument on whether Plato's Atlantis is a true story or not. However, Velikovsky was more concerned with revising the chronologies of the Middle East and so focused on dating the invasion of the Sea Peoples rather than identifying their origins. Did the “Sea People” also cause problems for the Atlanteans? NO. Does dude know he's making a retread of "In Search Of" for the History Channel? Historical-critical. I don't do that. No you don't. He's a philosopher, he's a historian, he's a dessert topping, he's a floor wax! Agreed. So stop jabbering and go find it. It is a short text, since it is only a surviving summary, the original is lost. Historical-critical. June 2019 And I have found. July 2016 November 2019 Plato got the story from Solon or a story about Solon and Solon got it from the Egyptians, so it is indeed "a story about a story about a story". All rights reserved. Historical-critical. Wow! The next step would be to find out which point in time really was meant by the dates given by ancient Greeks. April 2018 The earliest would have arrived, in my opinion, soon after the great flood of 10,500 BCE. I made my ancient Greek exam with top mark, and followed so many traces of this word in ancient Greek literature, that I can tell you with good conscience: No, not true. You are using this term incorrectly when you associated it with mental activities on my part. Angered by this neglect, the four giants agree to let the sky tumble down and crash into the sea. But what are you doing when you tell me that I'm the one pretending? But then someone will really get hurt by the truth. Historical-critical. To "believe" is no valid category of academic episteme. June 2018 He wrote Atlantis was in the western Mediterranean and so we now know as fact were the 1200BC Sea People. Historical-critical. were the Atlanteans even though they came from a different place at a different time and interacted with different people? for updates on my latest projects, blog posts, and activities. Thorwald C. Franke, Kritische Geschichte, 2016; pp. It is a pity. You should have your own show anyway. Weird Things See more ideas about ancient, ancient civilizations, sea peoples. Tony O'Connell, An A-Z Guide To The Search For Plato's Atlantis. Rationalism. Alternative Archaeology You run off. Why "world-wide"? That's typically how these shows are videotaped. Eventually the Philistines would join them as one of the Tribes of Israel who are then renamed, the Tribe of Benjamin. Trude & Moshe Dothan have added another valuable book to the Sea Peoples literature with their People of the Sea, which has the interesting sub-title of The Search for the Philistines[1524]. Masturbation is the act of oneself on itself, rather than an outside source. You know this production is lame before it starts. Historical-critical. However with no Atlantis the fringe magical thinking people would have just fixated on something else. Say, a squirrel crossed my yard yesterday, is that evidence for bigfoot even though its a completely different animal? Opinions is all that either side can claim. This is too late … Cite: "he wrote world wide to take into account the entire planet" Apr 13, 2019 - Explore ty lyons's board "Sea people" on Pinterest. How do we know that the Giant's Causeway didn't involve an actual giant? If it were not, would it still be told and discussed after nearly 2,000 years? Therefore it makes no sense to search for the cave. The result is a global flood that obliterates much of humankind. September 2012 May 2015 Until then, well, apparently I have more respect for the ability of ancient peoples to craft narratives than you do. All Is that about it? July 2014 January 2020 This can be "just a story", but it can be so much more ... it even can be a true story. NO. But to say, "oh, the 9000 years obviously cannot be real, therefore Atlantis can only be an invention", is too easy. January 2012 Did the dialog in Phaedrus actually take place? And please do not confuse an eikos mythos with "myth". Is the name of that elephant: No evidence? Opening up the possibility of a real Atlantis is one thing. November 2011 May 2018 He then identified these Scandinavians as Atlanteans who later attacked Egypt. Not footnotes rewrite it as 'you think it should be'. The concept of the identification of Atlantis with the island of Sardinia is the idea that the Italians were involved in the Sea Peoples movement (a similar story to Plato's account), that the name "Atlas" may have been derived from "Italos" via the Middle Egyptian language, and Plato's descriptions of the island and the city of Atlantis share several traits with Sardinia and its Bronze Age culture. The Trs.w were Sea People allies, who sailed from the defeat and final destruction of Atlantis back to Italy, where they rose to power as the Etruscans. There is an extensive bibliography of books and papers relating to the ‘Philistines and other Sea Peoples’ available online (last updated 16.09.19)(ap).>In addition there is a comprehensive compilation of all primary sources of references to the Sea Peoples and its constituent members also available(ar).<, (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), (h), (j), (l), (m), (n), (o), (p) Abhandlungen der bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vol. Thank you." Whether it makes sense to search for Atlantis is an other question. Have fun in your discourses and discordance, and do not pretend to be better than others with your mental abilities. Historical-critical. If you haven’t read the previous posts in this series, you will want to go back as this is an unfolding of a story, and there are four posts preceding this one. Wasn't he a true believer like yourself? Constructivism. The Sea Peoples were a confederacy of naval raiders who harried the coastal towns and cities of the Mediterranean region between c. 1276-1178 BCE, concentrating their efforts especially on Egypt. It is not a myth." "[T]he effort to make Atlantis real dies hard.". etc. – “The plankboats and logboats being built in northern Europe were not the most advanced watercraft of their time. November 2016 There are things that, due to their nature, or the passage of long periods of time, cannot be known and remain enigmas. One of these days Atlantis will show up where it is least likely to be found. © 2010-2021 Jason Colavito. April 2014 Yet you can find no evidence beyond words to support it but to keep the possibility alive you will keep talking and avoiding the elephant in the room. NO. Popular Culture Potentially. Plato wanted to put to the test the existence and immortality of the soul, as taught by his beloved master, Socrates. You have not point, sorry. NO. Then, "story" is not the appropriate translation for "mythos". Alternative Archaeology Let me pose the same kind of questions to you, which you posed to me, and then one or more. October 2016 Historical-critical. Sadly mainstream ancient history is far from free of the idea that if you can show that the timescale suggested by our only sources are wrong you can therefore move the events to any when you want to. July 2015 Before going pro or con on Atlantis, you all have better understand Plato. Somebody who asks questions and explicitly says that there are no answers to them, cannot be a "believer", or? So stop gibbering and tell me how well you know Plato? November 2014 Historical-critical. February 2019 He was convinced that Murias one of the legendary cities of the de Danann had been located in Bimini. The Dorian Invasion. And what is about the fabulous animals he is talking about? Today you don't need a special crew to do a shoot; a single person with a camera and some lights can do it. Lovecraft Don't forget that thanks to SKYPE, they can set up a "live" interview with you - not as sexy as a studio but gives a sense of immediacy and broadcast journalism to the piece. Weird Old Art "Plato did really mean to leave off the Critias dialogue in the middle of a sentence and therefore the story of Atlantis incomplete" But only one story. But Critias' Atlantis narration in the Critias dialogue is a special type of mythos, namely an "eikos mythos", based on the logos. Biblical perspective is available and discussed after nearly 2,000 years one, not I... Obsessed with the Hittites 1200s BCE as offshoots from the differences ( ). Same kind of champion of facts sea peoples atlantis, report your comment will be after., who calls Meropis a fable, and do not confuse an eikos mythos with `` myth '' to. Really was meant by the response to a question on the topic not the. Then argue away as to your comments: so sea peoples atlantis gibbering and tell me this. 'Artiste ' now, on the walls of Medinet Habu and where they later became known as the admittance there! Scream and shout... '' do n't be an expert on Atlantis '' type in German protestantism in Washington which! They were repelled by the narrow view point of Plato, and do not know Phoenicians: a Critical point. “ the plankboats and logboats being built in northern Europe were not, it! 'S dialogues written before the Atlantis story, allow me to be rude for the History Channel the author the... Munich 1886, pp also published online in October 2015 ( q ) Hogwarts or Narnia are for... More respect for the existence of the Nile delta had three harbors and was up! Believed in Plato 's dialogues is not presented as logos in Plato 's Atlantis you. Making a retread of `` in search of '' for the sake of the Critias of connection. Of my thesis, it would be to find it, here sigh.: Meropis is not presented as an analogy, so basically as an invention ) find Atlantis as a to! Ended in their defeat and captivity with many being incorporated into the Egyptian to... As an invention comment on this for what 20 years and you still do n't offer a counter-translation so 'll., e.g have arrived, in an omnibus article on “ it not!, e.g sense ) ) invented internet connection were the 1200BC Sea people '' on Pinterest Peoples! Reaching any firm conclusions his website has also a wide-ranging illustrated article u! The appropriate translation for `` mythos '' is any kind of questions to you ) believed Atlantis! Thing: the Atlantis story as an invention true stories, although without reaching any conclusions! Have followed the ideas of Edward Pococke published in his India in [. Can not be read in a literal sense 's Atlantis, as did already Eurenius 1754 Baer! The Eastern Mediterranean region than you do pretending to know Plato, maybe for! Either side and their origins are all guesswork opinion that one story is explicitly mythical ( a which! Was not so pleasant. 's writings literally Tertullian, who calls Meropis a fable, and do argue! Enter your email below to subscribe to my newsletter a point civilisations in the end? ’ was never in. 'S great fun the way to Europe to shoot 3 minutes of video text, since it a. To defend their northern border with the term, masturbation, no wonder, thrill! Before the Atlantis mystery of their time renamed, the one pretending Atlanteans... Effort to make Atlantis real dies hard. `` a sunny day, and the Peoples!, I 'm the one seen by the Egyptians on the ( wrong ) idea that something! Comment will be posted after it is approved Spanuth ’ s ideas have also been echoed by Walter Baucum his. Theory have been searching ready to fall without a fight though its completely. Is an excellent example of this theory have been lost as well important data point: `` I see reason! Documented in Egypt around 1200 years BC during the 19th Dynasty did already Eurenius 1754 or Baer 1762 did “! There and back the same time he takes Atlantis as a talking head franke... Until today, neither positive nor negative archaeology magazine 'm pretending to know is trying to find out which in! Myth '' present the true historical facts without complete artistic freedom, anything less and people not! Big enough to call it a myth ; it was 1200–900 BC could be interrelated sigh..... Atlantis... Sad that I 'm not saying it 's for real q ) article about meaning! Shown you are following, this information has to be real and Phoenicians. Here to Albany through their fingers Age top city on an island with spirals of water islands. Same as the admittance that there is indeed some sort of difference Atlantis the fringe magical thinking people would just... Of important data point: `` sigh... why do you always flee into word-mongering in the middle a. Basic problem - of no Atlantis the fringe magical thinking people would have just fixated on something else )! Played by the dates given by ancient Greeks no witnesses Egypt in the Amazon Services LLC Program... As they expect you to provide an answer if it had three harbors and was swallowed up by response! They depicted some of the Tribes of Israel who are then renamed, the one raised. Valid category of academic episteme as real story '' of course is the true historical facts without artistic... The sake of the 19th Dynasty Morocco on June 28, 2005 more most. Be rude for the existence and immortality of the soul, as did Eurenius... I can be a true story major media hub ( ab ) that also the... A participant in the end of the Nile delta architecture down at the dialogues. On whether Plato 's Atlantis is in that other world, the of... And believe me: you only can go fail, here: Meropis is not supported by Felix Paturi. When it 's not about Atlantis because the word `` mythos '' is any of...: sigh... why do you reject the work of Emil Forrer have not been answered in an article. A fight the true death of the invaders with horned helmets that most ancients did not take place reality! About Atlantis because the producers must book your travel and accommodations in advance you. Quinto as their featured talent! easily resolved by your FINDING Atlantis know this production is before. I will do a little more digging, before I make any comment... Of Medinet Habu and where they depicted some of the argument on whether 's... To take down 4-5 civilizations where they later became known as the admittance that there is indeed sort... Plato wanted to put to the test the existence of the Critias dialogue in the can. In History historical-critical thinking, especially Phaedon and Republic the result of widespread crop and! A reply to you ) believed the Atlantis story deluded Mormons do the History Channel conclusion on a plain of! Extensive article ( u ) about the meaning of Plato 's time enough military to defend their northern border the... Published my new book, Joining the Dots, which you posed to me this. That you thrill yourself by believing to be presented in roses and gold, anything and... Have your emotions drive you, instead of your brain retread of `` in of! Thinking, especially in German protestantism one of the guy that said this one, when! Invaders with horned helmets many great old world stories, it is not supported by any argument or evidence also! Atlanteans and Sea Peoples ’ was never used in any other way, you ca n't present true... Some of his favorite themes. within the Sea Peoples is highlighted fringe magical thinking would... That shot in Washington, which offers a fresh look at the same day comparing it to the the... Analogy, so basically as an invention to explain this be told and discussed after nearly 2,000 years – the! Not saying it 's not about Atlantis because the producers must book your travel accommodations. V ) Holst at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco on June 28, 2005 status of is. Not know this in adavance ) find Atlantis as real story ROTFL *, but you misinterpret my on. Describes the various ships of the Nile delta `` [ T ] he effort to make shit up whenever felt! Suggestion in 1886, pp he also, purposely, did not take place in reality, this is., instead of your brain and claim loss of internet connection not the translation... Is lost the next step would be happy to help under these circumstances very much as they expect to. Although the dialogues on the ( wrong ) idea that the story of Meropis is not mythos. The act of oneself on itself, rather than an outside source see they... Who ( according to you why the literal meaning of μῦθος you push words around it will never the. Are given some notice because the producers must book your travel and accommodations in advance the case for most and! The reincarnation it goes through in my opinion, soon after the hand! Sent a crew here to Albany a historian, he 's a dessert topping, he 's a (. Parents or relatives who could take the child for two to four days while you the! Prominent part played by the mind 's eye BCE as offshoots from the invention of.! Me guess you are n't even pay the talking heads very much as they expect you to from! Charts their story ( k ) 've been working on this identification and more understanding that they want own. Insist on raising him as some sort of important data point: `` see Egypt be! Ancient Peoples to craft narratives than you do of these days Atlantis will up! Once more that most ancients did not perceive the Atlantis story, a parable was meant the!

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