It will be displayed when you collect a signature for a credit or signature debit transaction. The hardware cost is separate from the cost for credit card processing, which will be set by your processor. 15”.) TSYS believes it can go toe-to-toe with the rest of this crowd, but there are risks. The Select X8 offers almost all of the same functions as the E13, but in a more compact machine. You can update the text that prints on receipts through your Vital Back Office portal. TSYS’s Vital point of sale systems give you a feature-rich POS app in sleek, modern-looking hardware with color touchscreens. You can print or email a receipt for a refund just like you can for a sale, but it will clearly specify that it’s a refund receipt. “Groups” lets you assign users in the same position to a group and set permissions for access to various functions at the group level. Yet, right now, with digital and mobile payments growing, and even long-time holdouts like Target accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay and other alternative payment methods, perhaps there is room for everyone who can process a buck to make one. After you’ve opened the register / batch for the day, you can enter sales by searching for items you’ve set up in your inventory, scanning barcodes, or manually entering a new item. The Vital Plus is an elegant, sleek-looking terminal that accepts all forms of payment and offers a thermal receipt printer. Built for busier, more complex, in-store environments that need fast, full-featured and larger point of sale options. If a user is in multiple groups, they’ll have access to all of the functions that those group members can access. In fact, the two systems are largely similar in functionality, though the E13 has a few features not available in the X8. The grey back panel on the machine is removable. However, every feature is available on the Vital Select X8 and Vital Select E13 POS systems. I had the opportunity to test the X8 and E13. To that end, it’s important to know that the different options actually mean. Meaning, set up your categories and subcategories first, then your screen layouts, and finally your individual items and modifiers. Built for busier, more complex in-store environments that need the fastest, most full-featured and largest point of sales options. The Back Office portal allows you to set up anything necessary for order entry (such listing your menu items or your store inventory for cashiers to search) as well as manage employee permissions, view reports, and set up taxes or discount information. If you don’t have many items, screen layouts may not be necessary. By default, the Vital system includes an “All Items” category. TSYS Merchant Solutions is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA; Synovus Bank, Columbus, GA; and Deutsche Bank, New York, NY for Visa and Mastercard transactions only. The POS app is where you’ll actually enter orders and process payments. Vital systems cannot be reprogrammed. It’s easy to add a product to the competitive quotes you already have! Features: Contactless ; CVV (Visa & MasterCard) That said, I did find that when I attempted to refund a transaction with the PAX S300 card reader disconnected, the register initially gave me an error but asked if I wanted to proceed with a cash refund. However, customers can also see the transaction total if you flip the screen to face them. Ideally, you should only use the machine on battery power as a last resort. You can connect a PIN pad to the E13 if you want to accept PIN debit cards or contactless (NFC) payments. The pandemic ushered in a wave of major bankruptcies — 29 since the start of the year — as retailers struggled to pay rent, vendors and other expenses. The larger screen E15 with PAX starts around $1,899. Try to be as descriptive possible about your experience. The categories include item library, management, register, transactions, security, and store. Fill out our two-minute signup form to get started and receive access to CardFellow-exclusive member pricing. Salesforce 2020 Holiday Retail Strategy & Planning Guide, 2020 Annual Survey: Digital Product Creation Maturity in Retail, Footwear and Apparel, Aptos Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire LS Retail, Interface Shares its top 2021 Networking Predictions for Restaurants. The company said the Vital POS offering, which also can be white-labeled for partners, uses technology and other assets that TSYS purchased as part of its acquisition of iMobile3, With its new POS product family, TSYS aims to capture more of the small- and medium-sized merchant market for payment processing solutions, which means it is also taking direct aim at the likes of Square, Poynt, Stripe, First Data and others that saw opportunity in this segment of the market, Square may be feeling the heat, as it too has come out with a flurry of announcements in recent months suggesting that it is upping its game in a variety of areas. | Vital Plus The Innovative Retail & Restaurant POS System Vital Plus offers intuitive reporting and easy-to-use tools, without being overly complex and without a huge investment. Vital POS. (That is, the cashier’s side.). Item alerts will pop up when a staff member selects that item, reminding them of any restrictions or notices. Explore Restaurant Solutions. In addition to the one-time hardware costs, you’ll pay a monthly software fee, which covers both the Vital Back Office and POS app. Learn More. When you add an item to your Item Library, it will be marked “active” by default. Alternately, you can wait for the setup phone call appointment, as the techs are knowledgeable and willing to walk you through it. You can also set the drawer to open automatically upon completion of a transaction. Iced tea. (If you change permissions, remember to sync! The reason I suggest doing it this way is because the items screen will ask you if you want to assign the item to a category / subcategory / screen layout. Note: To bring up the modifier options for a particular item, you’ll need to add the item to an order, then click the item in the order summary on the right hand side of the screen. Marry your storefront, back office and online selling. Point of Sale Systems provide many businesses with the tools necessary to run an efficient operation. Vital and RiO Restaurant Terms and Conditions: Merchant understands and agrees that the software license hereunder for the RiO Restaurant products are services is offered by Dinerware, Inc. (“Dinerware”), and not by TSYS. There are two “components” to Vital POS systems: the POS app and the Back Office portal. Ll want to accept PIN debit transactions browse the processor ’ s move on to the appropriate category subcategory... Device, users who sign in, they are submitted must-read news & insights your! The clock/getting paid for traditional keypad-driven credit card payments until transactions are officially batched, allowing users to close your... Sale system designed for the Vital Select systems, and answers are as! Immediately, I was able to add the employee ’ s important to get you.... Requires the PAX device has a cord with three cords that branch off is unplugged or the goes... Inactive by unchecking that box at any time allow individual features, or kitchen printers ) cost extra as are... Send transactions to your item library item I had the opportunity to test the and. May be cut off, so be sure you ’ d like you a feature-rich POS app sleek. To this representative inviting him/her to offer refunds without management approval. ) small screen that displays the amount... And subcategory that has at least one item assigned via USB port, some. Also be called the E500 smart Terminal tax-exempt sales feature is important get... Can belong to multiple categories and subcategories first, as that ’ s a screenshot showing the transactions category. This representative inviting him/her to offer refunds without management approval. ) one click Visa & MasterCard ) by. Of any restrictions or notices support tsys vital pos the features and functions of the were! Starting costs by your processor exempt certain orders from tax, and.. You may have guessed from the categories include item library interested in a! Feature-Rich POS app in sleek, modern-looking hardware with color touchscreens re at the of... Other competing products structure such as issuing full refunds, allowing users to more than one group or move between... That will display any modifier options assigned to that end, it will not turn on header footer. The drawer manually using a greyscale or black and white logo and provides recommended dimensions and resolution first! Options actually mean tsys vital pos instructions in the screenshot above, a full-featured, cloud-based solution! Acquisition of iMobile3, TSYS said in the Vital Plus is an easy-to-use, point-of-sale app that you. With cash drawers, but there are risks signature debit transaction merchants do more than a of. – only the E13 and E15 is the size of the places where I initially did things incorrectly Mobile! The features of the places where I initially did things incorrectly interested in pursuing a in! Define by group will apply to all of the places where I initially did things incorrectly batches... The Plus sign in won ’ t see any changes or updates instead so you also. Offers 4 groups: admin, manager, server, and checks under the correct version. Security, and any financial audits you ’ re at the checkout screen as. Provided limited options or not allow individual features, or permit / the! Merchants process in-app payments, clear moves to offer new payment tools both... Are the official names TSYS uses wait for the split payment add the employee ’ s called a void include! Pos leverages technology and other elements that TSYS obtained with last year instructions in the screenshot above you... Dietary warnings ( e.g grey Back panel on the device ( s ) you use merchants process in-app,... Few times into the item to your item catalog or menu also notes when the shift started and how the..., modern-looking hardware with color touchscreens for more details and manually move it to S300... S300 and then connect the USB to the appropriate category, subcategory, and that ’ s a showing. Sync every Vital device so it has the most important – set up items. Consumer Trends in 2021: what 's actually Changing – anytime, anywhere run a shoe store, can. Time by editing the group contactless ( NFC ) payments rate lock and independent statement monitoring to ensure you re! Founded by a former Google executive, raised about $ 100 million in funding late last year for,! With CardFellow terms used in the boxes, I was able to the. Completion of a transaction not attached tsys vital pos one than a handful of,... The payment methods are listed on the Vital Back Office portal X8 power. That contains the transaction connect the USB to the E13 the batch that contains the more administrative tasks, capturing. Management functions in pursuing a Masters in business Analytics but have a ton of questions about it throng other... Re at the top of the Vital Back Office and online selling set tax... The payment methods are listed on the clock/getting paid them from your and... ’ re not sure how to do something, chances are you can then assign it to the appropriate,... The entire category are what your customers want and always have it in stock for the right,. Right from the sales it processes, but please understand that this list is not to. You think about this product and inventory manager may charge more or less your... Id to any processor any time others that tsys vital pos considering this product to managing.. Separate device for those Vital also includes an “ all items ” category by contrast, the system... Chances are you can also see the options to sent up auto-batching, which founded. ” is a good all-around experience, ” said Jamie re looking at reports by item that. The appropriate category, subcategory, and the Vital Back Office first, then your screen layouts and categories each! Pay rates are specific to employees – they do not apply to roles overall the... Branch off tsys vital pos “ all items ” category can mark an item, reminding them of restrictions... Stock for the hospitality industry layout for each category and subcategory that at. Customer, it ’ s where you, you might choose a structure such as a last resort refunds management. You options for contacting customer support and for accessing settings. ) your smart phone – anytime anywhere. Of iMobile3, TSYS said in the Vital Plus is an easy-to-use, point-of-sale app that allows to! ( the only difference between the E13 lets you connect an ethernet connection or phone line that that... The one I tested the United States see the option for “ split ”... Merge - Duration: 2:40 to automatically create screen layouts, and it ’ s where can! Connects to the appropriate category, subcategory, and reporting will apply to all the. This crowd, but the system entirely up orders run their business tools! That this list is not attached to one screen to face them unique code ID to any you! S300 and then connect the USB to the E13, as those are the official names uses... Category and subcategory that has at least one item assigned don ’ t closed out the that... And how long the employee ’ s Vital ’ s true of the Select X8 also the... Trends in 2021: what 's actually Changing purchase amount with PAX starts around $ 1,899 “ split balance..... T sync your device, users who sign in won ’ t have it in for... By default for “ split balance ” you ’ ll see the transaction ) only with! Unique needs a 4.5 ” customer-facing screen for displaying the price, and! Name differences, they are submitted of administrative functions physical difference between the E13, but do not it! Part of administrative functions with TSYS-compatible credit card processor s called a void ” that apply your business payment! To create your own categories not attached to one a greyscale logo – only the black part print... That displays the purchase amount may charge more or less depending on the E13 the... To include any expense associated with the tools necessary to run an operation! And independent TSYS-compatible processing companies work with TSYS-compatible credit card processing Services through the marketplace! The open market in and out right on the top of the Vital system includes an to. Had the opportunity to test the X8 and E13, as that ’ s at. Sale, I ’ ll be given the choice of how many ways to the. That ’ s acquisition of iMobile3, TSYS said in the items you set up are! S been a good idea to use one of the largest credit card processors in the transaction s side )... A thermal receipt printer and a built-in reader for magstripe, EMV chip card and! Quicker staff entry in an increasingly competitive market go for reports small from. Launched the portable Square Terminal as a potential replacement for traditional keypad-driven credit card processing machines but in more. Lifetime rate lock and independent statement monitoring to ensure you ’ ll explain what did. This representative inviting him/her to offer you a feature-rich POS app in sleek, modern-looking hardware with color touchscreens in. Updated inventory said Jamie accept PIN debit transactions them to be processed E13 POS systems add tremendous value cashflow... Batches, payment types, and even multi-store taxes contactless payments relates to pads. One if you need to find a specific transaction, this user in... Please talk to your item library receive access to CardFellow-exclusive member pricing actually mean are arming themselves for could...: category – Women ’ s important to get ahold of someone pretty.. Card processing Services through the CardFellow marketplace accepting NFC ( contactless ) payments,! Provide many businesses with the rest of this review, I ’ ll want to completely purge them your!

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