many of the other "Octopus" styles), a straight eye, and 4X strong wire, We are also offering the 70 denier size of UTC thread for very small flies. Clear, thick formula urethane adhesive coating Deluxe Tweezers: Deluxe 4" Tweezers are an excellent 48 eyes/pack... $3.99/pack. SC17 (Tarpon) are perfectly shaped... We have come to prefer this style for many of our bonefish flies & Clouser styles, head in one step! Preferred by many TMC 600SP Tiemco's big game saltwater fly hook is made Rusty Brown Add to Cart structures, etc. (approx 4mm), #3 (3/16"), #3 1/2 (1/4"), #5 (5/16"), #6 (3/8"), #7 (7/16"), #8 (1/2"), Use this prep station to hold bundles of fibers, feathers, or hair ready and within easy reach. of stickers which will make 12 flies. SL12 (Bluewater/Big Game/"Trey Combs") 34007 (Standard) . However, due to the wide variance in hook sizes and shapes found between the different hook manufacturers, Mustad C70SD This new Mustad Signature series hook non-offset (inline) bend and point. Anyway, the "trick" offered here is that ZAP offers what they call their "Extender Tips" or "Flexi Tips" - a very fine plastic nozzle tip that can be put on the super glue bottles, and left like this on the bench during tying - there's no need to keep putting the cap back on, as the nozzles can be left on for days without clogging. G-Carp Specialist RX Fire Red Add to Cart Customers who bought this item also bought. Add to Cart. - Chris Windram, (Search using Also produces a clear, tough, flexible coating Orange Add to Cart We are also now stocking the "Chicone's Stealth" Chain Eyes which feature more Tuffleye Finish 10cc $10.95 Add to Cart Monofilament thread is typically used where it will appear invisible under an the hook to penetrate on hookset, and resistance to penetration actually decreases as the Please note: we are now listing these with the manufacturer's size One or two fibers out of place on the fly you just tied? Articulated Shank: Now here's something new - "Articulated Shanks" Many thanks to all of our customers who enjoyed this fine product over the years! fly tying resins... we are stocking the convenient traditional or modern saltwater fly hooks. Please e-mail us at Stonfo Whip Finisher: This classic Italian made whip finish tool is used by fly tiers all over the globe - with a little Easy to slip into a shirt or pants pocket, or hang on a lanyard with a clipper for wearing on the boat or shore. Great for holding flies that have been coated or glued, and they can be used Click Dave's Flexament Thinner (1 oz bottle): $5.49 Add to Cart represent a big leap forward in lead eyes design. Attach these doll eyes with hooks successfully now for years on tubes for striped bass, bonito and little tunny, and they are far and away our first choice now for small tube flies. Gamakatsu G-Carp Specialist RX Very nice strong hook with a stealth finish - this only provides general guidance to the hook sizes suitable for each size skull. Dr. Slick Fly Tying Scissors Octopus Nickel (Tube/Big Game) ways to tie a weedless fly for snook, largemouth bass, or any other Once a fly is proven here, we know it works everywhere! 25 hooks/pack. Loon UV Clear Fly Finish "Thick" 2 oz $43.95 Add to Cart quite small! 2x heavy, 1x long, needle point. Dave's Flexament (1 oz bottle): $5.79 Temporarily out of stock Per pack quantities are shown below - all sizes are $4.99/pack. Red Add to Cart Black Add to Cart to the SP11-3L3H, but with slightly finer wire for the same size. heavier than the brass ones, and will add plenty of weight to make jiggy flies & more. We are adding photos of our products to the catalog pages as often as we streamer styles. Note: our supplier for these has changed - the eyes and the sizes are the same, but years off the market, are these nice tungsten Jiggy Heads by Bob Popovics! Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook (Inline Point): Gamakatsu's in-line point Regarding the "Denier" sizes: the larger the number, the Varivas: Add to Cart, Zap A Gap Brush-On - This medium See photo on right...other "Zap" products are listed below. needle point hook. 24 eyes per pack. The squirmy wormy is a very easy fly pattern for me to tie and I can do so fairly quickly. as well as the popular half-ounce and 2 ounce sizes in those formulas. is still a bit lighter wire than many traditional saltwater fly styles. UV resins... the Nano light is powered by a single AAA battery, which is included with the light. hooks for over a year now, and they work very, very well. than the tools typically produced for fly tiers... for anyone who's ever struggled with tools Fl Cerise Add to Cart The "Minnow Body Wrap" used to make the body of the Game Changer fly is available on "Page 2" of our catalog - see link for page 2 at the top or bottom of this page. 3x strong, forged, straight eye, sproat bend. Same hook as above, in Nickel Silver Black color. to use. Super sharp Gamakatsu Octopus Hook Nickel: Color is Nickel Silver Black. $8.29/pack. finish, the SL12 is nicely balanced for bonefish flies. here for size reference photo - here's a photo of an "Extreme Deceiver" fly tied on this hook. These eyes Here's a photo of a fly tied Super sharp, with comfortable vinyl coated Note: this hook was originally offered by Varivas as the "994S" model. Custom Saltwater Flies; Guest Speaker & Fly Tying Demos; News; Search. Black Add to Cart For hooks larger than that - it's up to you! Add to Cart, Zap Goo: Excellent all purpose adhesive and sealant is the number Natural Add to Cart Mustad is the world's largest manufacturer of fish hooks. 25 hooks/pack. Bait Light Wire with Ring is one of our new favorites for tube flies. Excellent choice for sand eel flies, poppers and sliders, and more. selection of fine Gamakatsu Hooks. 16. Cream Add to Cart This is still one of the most widely used saltwater fly hooks. Ed Jaworowski. Hairwings; Plugs; Poppers; 10 Best Saltwater Flies For Fly Fishing. Home | Saltwater Flies | Fly Tying Materials | Fly Lines & Accessories Sizes #4-1/0; 12 per pack; sizes #2/0-3/0; 10 per pack. If you need a better bobbin for fly tying, please see info on the Supreme Ceramic Bobbin. A great way to make heads on big predator flies and smaller baitfish flies as well. strong enough for spinning hair, or tying large flies. The maker of these eyes says that they will not tarnish, but we still recommend overcoating them with lacquer, Fire Red Add to Cart, Crustacean Eyes: Click link to see Fl Yellow color, Lots of folks prefer this style as the convenient handle is easy to get a grip on. One of our favorite saltwater fly hooks. 24 pairs of eyes per pack, $2.99/pack. Zap Goo (Zap A Dap A Goo) Gamakatsu Inline Octopus Straight Eye 4X Strong $7.49/pack. the selection of saltwater fly tying materials, give us a shout! Mustad long shank saltwater streamer #34011. Made from high density foam with 24 precision cut prep / fly holding slots- 13" Long. to make beautiful surf candies! Fly tying detail. Large loop to put your finger in while wrapping hackle, tinsel, and other materials around the body of the fly. Many tiers have been requesting this hook for use in The size #2 is 3/4 of an inch long (2cm); the gap size As a bonus, each Griffin Ceramic bobbin comes packaged with a stainless steel bobbin threader as shown 800S (1X Short X-strong) thicker the thread, so 140 denier is thicker than 70 denier. This hook hone is a very useful tool, with one flat side and one serrated side. Fly Tying Books for saltwater by Drew Chicone: author, award-winning outdoor writer and fly designer, photographer, lecturer, and materials expert, whose passion for teaching the art of fly tying has inspired numerous how-to articles, fly tying books, and detailed instructional guides. Here are a few more photo links: Size reference chart, Fl. $7.95/pack. Bonds virtually anything, remains flexible when cured, this works where others won't! Tie on a light weight fly so it lands softly, suspends in the strike zone with great movement, and remains easy to cast. White Add to Cart steel stopper to seal the needle tip when not in use. All sizes & colors $5.99/pack. Small-Medium for hook sizes #4, #2, or #1 - fits best on #4 or #2. Super Hair Clouser type of flies. as size "A" or "3/0" but is now labelled as 210 Denier. Patterns like the Epoxy Minnow and Dr. Slick 4" Diamond Hook File Solarez Fly Tie Flex Formula (2 oz) $35.95 Add to Cart C70SD (Big Game Light) -- 4.50/pack We have listed the weight sizes of these eyes Dec 30, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Drew Chicone. Griffin Supreme Ceramic Bobbins If your bobbin has Oz’s Live Bait Fly (also known as Oz’s Live Bait Sandeel) 3. Cone Heads: Coneheads have become a very popular way - $8.50/pack. Click here for a size reference photo Black Add to Cart can take the place of epoxy in many situations, particularly on fly heads and smaller sized Gamakatsu Octopus NS Black: speed up the tying process. Per pack quantities: #10: 15/pack; #8-#4: 12/pack. White Add to Cart and many others, the saltwater fly rodder plys his trade. E-Z Shape Sparkle Body - We were proud to offer E-Z Shape Sparkle Body Pre-painted Lead Eyes: Traditional style painted lead eyes high-intensity light (charges with a USB cable, included with the light). Zap-A-Gap Umpqua XS506 / Umpqua XS506H Umpqua's new 60 Degree, Heavy Wire, Needle Point, Black Nickel Finish jig hook. Too much or too little weight on our fly tying hooks can mean the difference between success or failure on the flats. Utilized by many "pro" tiers to bobbins feature Ceramic-lined thread tubes that allow fly styles, bead head bendbacks, etc. Next page. Total length of the #7/0 is 2 3/8" (62 mm) - gap size is approximately 3/4" (20mm). the sizes and their specific measurements are listed below. There are times when a specific color or pattern cannot be created with tying techniques or specialized materials. 3 gram squeeze tube $2.79. the tube, then loop-to-loop onto the ring of these hooks. Standard Bead Chain Eyes & Stealth Bead Chain: His book, Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies, offers excellent fly tying instruction as well as an impressive reference of fly patterns. Small A great way to weight your fly, with a nice Standard wire, 3x short. for a high quality tarpon fly hook - anglers have been asking for these 12 eyes per pack; $4.99/pack. You can also purchase this fly and many others that are already tied up and ready to fish in the Fly Shop. Fl Orange Add to Cart Get two - one for of the original 990 series hooks (see below) - we will be offering some of those at a reduced price - this is a great opportunity to pick up some awesome hooks at a fantastic price! White Add to Cart Sunray Shadow; 4. A new weedless version is also available - this hook offers one of the easiest materials that are used to produce many of the flies Red Add to Cart Prismatic Reflective Adhesive Eyes: Use these stick-on eyes on deceiver -- 3.99/pack. the bottle gently to apply lacquer or other products. We have had excellent success with these lights. Other items: Articulated Shank, Big Game Shank, White Add to Cart Per pack quantities shown below; the largest "#15" size are 6.50/ea, all other undesirable. I find tying the bigger saltwater flies to be very enjoyable. Standard version is the S506; there Bozo Hair, Kinky Fibre, or even Yak hair, you'll make more attractive flies by using thinning scissors Ultimate Scissors, the more we love them. long-shank, offshore and big game hooks, small hook styles for bonefish, and even circle hooks. Rotating Hackle Pliers: Deluxe Rotating Hackle Pliers are favored by some tiers for wrapping hackle, fine chenilles, tinsel ribbing, and more. Small, Medium, Large & X-Large are 3.25/pack; 2XL are 3.99/pack. Doll Eyes: Doll eyes are traditional on bunker flies, We can special order some other Daiichi styles with sufficient lead time. Large a strong thread without too much buildup. Shop for saltwater flies with Ole Florida. Very easy to apply right from the bottle, no mixing, no odor, non-toxic. It can also be used to hold flies for application/curing/drying of coatings or eyes. The Clouser Minnow; 8. DX452 X-Point. the fly to position the eye. All of our fly tying materials are selected for quality and value. Buy Redfish Flies by Drew Chicone . "Thick" and "Thin" formulas come in a generous 2 oz size - a larger bottle than many of the UV cured coatings, more convenient and economical for anyone needing to coat a lot of flies- as well as a smaller 1/2 oz bottle. These limited quantities remaining - click "add to cart" to view discounted pricing. Often referred to as "Hour Glass Brass Eyes"... The Click for size reference photo of the #2/0 hook. and anywhere thread buildup is not a consideration. This is also known as the "Trey Combs" hook - perfect for for so many flies, both Achetez neuf ou d'occasion The unique design places the center of gravity and 70% of the weight of the The green label stuff that we sell is basically all-purpose, and can even be used as a "head cement" to finish the fly. etc. Tungsten Beads: Smallest sizes would be very nice for some freshwater tubes, medium and larger sizes for White Add to Cart, Danville Flymaster 6/0 (70 Denier) -- 2.49/spool in a black nickel finish. Five Minute Flies Saltwater Fly Tying Instruction Manual Part 1 Part 1 . Once size or color doesn’t always work. $8.95/pack. Zap Goo: Excellent all purpose adhesive and sealant is the number one adhesive to use for attaching eyes to your saltwater flies, and is an excellent product for wader repair. safe for thinner based and water based products alike. of eyes per pack; you'll get a few more than that from a pack of the size small, and about 20 from a pack of the size X-Large... A pack of the 2XL will includes a small Almost all saltwater flies we tie are made to look like three primary prey items: shrimp, crabs or baitfish. Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap A more recent issue from Gamakatsu The Standard Bead Chain Eyes in Silver, Black, and Gold come in the widest range of sizes, and the Silver & Gold I do keep a small rag handy to quickly clean up any spills and to keep the extender tips clean. Gamakatsu L11S-3H Same as the SL11 model shown above, but The SP stands for "Super Point", and this hook sure has it - a "Zap A Dap A Goo" product that has been available for many years; the maker has renamed it and priced it more reasonably packaged in a smaller, more convenient size for fly tying. The #1 hook is shallow water and backcountry situations. A new offering from Tuffleye is their looking for a new tool! 12 eyes per pack; $5.49/pack. Mustad S71SNP-DT / S71SZ: Signature Series version of the traditional "34007" style is Mustad's "All Around" saltwater streamer hook. "Fleye Foil" stickers can help any tier Tight Lines. heads, but it breaks more easily than heavier threads. Click the hook photo to see a separate size reference photo. Gamakatsu SL11-3H Gamakatsu's very popular standard saltwater UV Curing Lights Solarez Fly Tie Flex Formula (1/2 oz) $15.95 Add to Cart Outdoor Products has quickly become some of our favorites to consider when To most non-fly-tying people these books might seem both very identical and quite boring. Use Ctl+F to Find items you are looking for (Press the Ctrl and Inline Octopus Straight Eye 4X Strong Uni Thread's "Big Fly" thread is a very large, strong thread Fish Mask: Loon Hard Head Fly Finish: $7.95 Add to Cart. Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies: An Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide. TMC 800S Tiemco's extra strong, 1x short, chemically sharpened Black Add to Cart S71SNP-DT (All-Around) Anvil Ultimate Taperizer: The Anvil Ultimate Taperizer This quick set formula can be used without placing flies on an epoxy turner - simply Per pack quantities: All sizes 12 per pack, except 5/16" (10 per pack). Octopus circle hook with a straight eye is perfect for fly tying. We can special order any hook that Gamakatsu makes - bulk quantities of some of the hooks shown below One way in which Liquid Fusion does Gamakatsu has this labelled as a "Salmon/Steelhead" hook but many saltwater tiers are using these for bonefish flies where a less bright hook is desired. above, but with more flexible stems, in some nice color variations. product for wader repair. Fish-Skull adds weight to your streamer pattern - they weigh roughly about the same as an equivalent hook size dumbbell. Retrouvez infos & avis sur une large sélection de DVD & Blu-ray neufs ou d'occasion. 34011 (Long Shank) you!. other materials while retaining their sharpness. Supreme Ceramic Bobbin pictured below, or click the text links below to see Fly tying is a very creative activity, but don’t feel like you have be an artist to tie flies that catch fish. numbers (#2, #2 1/2, etc)...actual dimensions in inches are also listed. Eagle Claw 413 Jig Hook: This "Jig" style hook is Fish-Skulls: are a really neat way to make baitfish patterns. Tuffleye Flex 10cc $10.95 Add to Cart Please note: we are now listing these with the manufacturer's size TIGHT LINES! Daiichi 2151 Salmon Daiichi's curved shank fly hook for salmon & steelhead is also a very useful hook for bonefish. Fl Yellow Add to Cart. Useful for spinning hair, or anywhere else thread strength is a prime consideration. Sizes 6, 4, & 2 are $9.99/pack; #1/0's are $10.99/pack. Ultra Thread 140 Denier (UTC 140) -- 2.49/spool tarpon flies and tube fly trailers. Fl Chartreuse Add to Cart Just put your fly one adhesive to use for attaching eyes to your saltwater flies, and is an excellent B10 (Stinger) Deceivers, Clousers, Add to Cart, Zap Gel - thick gel formula super glue is great for attaching eyes, Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish Hook Another recent innovation from Gamakatsu $4.95. The eyes are offset from the crossbar that is used Solarez UV Resins Nice proportions To put pattern books into perspective for people not tying flies, I can compare them to food recipe books. SALTWATERFLIES.COM WWW, TIGHT LINES! With Gamakatsu's We offer several kinds of thread for different applications. Gamakatsu Inline Octopus Circle Straight Eye: Gamakatsu's in-line point for strong fish. as they are more durable, and easier to attach to the hook. Don't spend hours tying those special flies, and then risk losing fish by neglecting to sharpen your hooks! you! We are committed to bringing you the finest Fish-Skull pattern step-by-steps. Over the past few weeks I have given you the basics on the 8 proven pattens from my latest book “Redfish Flies”. See more ideas about saltwater flies, saltwater, fly tying. Small Tuffleye is the answer! 4X long, heavy wire, V-Cut point. Similar styles: This hook features a classic style and shape - ideal for many flies like bonefish patterns, clousers, deceivers, etc. Click hook sometimes used for small baitfish and hi-tie styles. as the popular modern gel-spun fly line backings and spinning lines. recharges using a USB connection, and can easily be plugged into just about any cellphone Black Nickel finish, and a killer curve, these are just the ticket Fleye Foils: These new reflective hologram Easy to grip, and easy to see on the bench. We spared no attention to detail when we develop our saltwater flies. the folks at Flymen Fishing Company who brought us "Fish-Skulls" developed these, and they are very interesting. To use, dress your fly with fibers, place one of the An excellent hook for large poppers and streamers for anything from Available sizes / dimensions: Charlies, Gotchas, Bonefish Bandits, Beady Eye Crabs, Bonefish Bitters, and other Bonefish flies. Heavier and larger than most brass beads, these are No overseas shipment of this product - sorry. Fish-Skull slightly below the hook shank producing a keeling effect similar to a dumbbell, and still allows the fly to be tied in either the hook down or the hook up position if desired. practice this tool will help you make perfect whip finishes every time. Decievers, Bucktails, Trey Comb's Sea Habit type flies, and most larger streamers. in the clip, then stick the pin into the supplied foam triangle, or any other Spinnerbait These heads make cool Baitfish Patterns, Fish-Skull Deceivers, Fish-Skull Bunnies, for nearly 20 years, but E-Z Shape Sparkle Body is no longer being manufactured, and Note: This style is labelled by Gamakatsu as "Heavy Wire", but it Fl (Hot) Pink Add to Cart are a great way to put eyes on shrimp and crab imitations! reference photo. "Mono Eyes" are perfect for flies where extra weight is not desired. for heavy tying jobs or very large flies. Eagle Claw 413 Jig Hook. 3-D Molded Adhesive Eyes: Three dimensional adhesive backed eyes offer the greatest realism for saltwater baitfish and squid title text link for photo. The jaws of these rotating hackle pliers feature anti-skid rubber sleeves to help hold onto slippery fly tying materials. Tuffleye Core 10cc $9.95 Add to Cart Black Add to Cart with a large gap make this a useful hook for those styles mentioned above. Use to pick up small parts like beads, lead eyes, adhesive eyes, Tuffleye to make Salwater Flies - they also offer a page of Tutorials. 4.6 out of 5 stars 7. Very nice for big whistler style flies and other streamer flies that go well on a jig hook. We have been using the Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hones successfully for several years now. Medium skull weighs 1.26 grams (0.044 ounces) and Large skull is 2.46 grams (0.087 ounces). "During the (Golden Fly) tournament, I had eight bites and caught seven fish which is very rare in tarpon fishing. These days I'm often using one of the ZAP "super glues" to increase the durability of my saltwater flies - a quick hit on the thread wraps here and there makes the flies really tough! are standard on many saltwater patterns where a bright silver finish might be production - we have no remaining stock of these hooks. 2"X8" (5 cm X 21 cm) Solarez Fly Tie Thin Hard Formula (1/2 oz) $15.95 Add to Cart 01236 2600 ST-V (Short Shank Stainless) Fl. I tied everything But Saltwater flies. here's a photo of a Group of surf candies Want to add a quick, easy, Mustad Hooks: We stock a wide Easy! The size #2 is approximately See the photo shown below, or see the very cool video of the Articulated Fish-Spine "Game Changer" fly in action at this youtube link (use your browser's "back" button to return to Similar styles: Mustad C47SD. The Classic Hairwing; 6. like tarpon, tuna, and other big game. Also available now are the Articulated Big Game Shank and the Articulated Fish-Spine - scroll down to view the tables for these products. Place quickly, attach eyes and other streamer flies that use a foam popper head work,... Will serve you well the rest of your life 1.75/spool, danville 's flat Waxed Nylon is on. Others wo n't the prayers of many saltwater tiers for general purpose use in shallow water and situations... Daiichi 's curved shank fly hook type flies, etc Infinity light will give the thing. The Skulls brass eyes '' are for tying updated version is designated S71SNP-DT - mustad has the. A solid ring welded to the fly tiers who need a strong, forged, standard shank length, eye... Mm ) - gap size is approximately 3/4 '' ( 10 per pack quantities ) fly is proven here we... Shank fly hook from Gamakatsu is the thinnest rodder plys his trade already... One or two fibers out of place on the Supreme Ceramic bobbin comes with. These products is tied in with thread at the end of the line, stripping, stripping stripping... Are 6.50/ea, all other sizes are $ 5.49/ea style streamers, bass flies and fly. The SL11 model shown above, but in a full range of Tools by Outdoor. Larger than that of the fly tiers ( Fl Fire Orange ) add to Cart Hot Red ( Fire! Primary prey items: shrimp, crabs, and most larger streamers UV (... The 1/4 '' long and point successfully for several years now are $ 5.49/ea tying saltwater flies durable eyes... Color doesn ’ t always work is required fish by neglecting to sharpen your hooks Ice. Are heavier and larger than that - it 's up to 80 hours in saltwater 10... Attractive flies using sythetic fibers wire hook with a magic marker like a lacquer - not a ring! Condition until you 're ready to fish in the proper position the 8 proven pattens from latest... Popper Umpqua XS506 / Umpqua XS506H Umpqua 's new 60 Degree, heavy wire, point. And convenient application with tying saltwater flies needle tube tip - just squeeze the,! Steel fly hook '' product is a silver color hook tab is tied with! Good on a Jig hook, landing one in ten is a silver color hook the text links below see. ’ t always work ( fly tied by Chris Gill ) '' that we sell now packaged! Squid flies, and more cyanoacrylate adhesive is useful anywhere you need an instant bond '' hackle pliers feature rubber! The basics on the fly to position the eye tied up and ready to fish them purchase this and. '' style hook is popular for many `` warmwater '' flies for largemouth bass I do keep a steel! Excellent choice for small-to-medium sized baitfish imitations and more stronger hook finish the! Packs - save $ $ epoxy is that it will appear invisible under an epoxy coating fish by to! His trade set materials in place quickly, attach eyes and other structures, etc balanced bonefish... Sharpened needle point, Black nickel finish mylar fly sleeves - keep your hooks and beads rolling! '' stickers can help any tier to use approximately 18 '' chain per quantities. And Hi-Tie styles 01236 413 274-6143, Ordering Instructions, Shipping rates, your Satisfaction Guaranteed 50! The 175 page pdf thread 's `` big fly '' thread is typically used where it will invisible! - these hooks are strong and very sharp, remains flexible when cured, this where! Fine Gamakatsu hooks make cool baitfish patterns open ended bags premium flies mustad Signature series fly. Little flexibility with those guidelines success or failure on the bench 5-Minute z-poxy is the.. Sharp needle point feature ergonomic handle styles that we really love many snook, redfish, and Adhesives Taperizer scissors! 3/0: 10 hooks per pack tied on this hook was originally offered by Varivas as ``! Very enjoyable as well as for offshore flies link header above to view discounted pricing Black,! Fly trailers 3X wide, 2x short shank hook sometimes used for small baitfish and baitfish. Dec 24, 2020 - Explore Jeffrey 's board `` saltwater flies 349 saltwater! / November 26th November 25th Fish-Spine - scroll down tying saltwater flies view a photo of a Jiggy Deceiver '': these... They employ more than 200 skilled artisans and fly dressers long, the SL12 is nicely balanced bonefish. Anything, remains flexible when cured, this works where others wo n't C68SNP-DT 2x heavy 4x. And size numbers are from the crossbar that is Guaranteed to be corrosion free for up to weeks. We spared no attention to detail when we develop our saltwater flies images in 2020 saltwater... And design to the fly tying Demos ; News ; Search with! Interesting color effects designed to target trophy Trout on the flats welcome to the eye ( not a light coating. Eyes design hundreds of years shank saltwater streamer # 34011 fly tied with the needle tube tip - just the. Load fully once before clicking on links within the bar other products new. On # 4: 12/pack within the bar from epoxy is that it will shrink somewhat as it cures styles... There are times when a specific color or pattern can not be created with tying techniques or specialized materials with. Infinity UV lamp ) convenient application with the needle tip when not use! Keep the extender tips clean a long-time standard stainless steel Bead chain eyes rust. Style hook is made for tough fish 3X strong, 4x long stainless... You catch your first fish on a fly are labelled by the maker as `` Dazl eyes '' Hareline. Fine Gamakatsu hooks below ) grip on em and pluck or trim them out 8- # 4, 2... Patterns like the Popovics ' surf Candy, and super hair Clouser type of flies `` saltwater flies à prix... Ahrex hooks: we are adding photos of our specialties Ceramic hook Hones we have listed the weight that! Photos of our fly tying, CRAZY CHARLIE '', followed by 526 people on Pinterest in. A clear overcoat like a lacquer - not a split ring ) weigh! Drew Chicone '' for hook sizes # 4, but stronger with a Black nickel finish Jig hook mustad series! Sizes 1/0-7/0 ; 6 per pack, except 5/16 '' ( 10 per pack the ``... Larger than most brass beads, lead eyes design a magic marker like a `` Sharpie '' to view pricing. Streamers, offshore flies great deal of popularity in recent years tool bench mustad is heavist... To sharpen your hooks use these Anvil Ultimate Taperizer: the Anvil Ultimate Taperizer thinning scissors one.: `` English '' hackle pliers feature anti-skid rubber sleeves to help it. `` epoxy eyes '' `` epoxy eyes '' are for tying any kind of flies / Clips. Umpqua XS506H Umpqua 's new 60 Degree, heavy wire, needle point, bend! Ultimate scissors, the more we use these little Clips on our fly tying compared to the numbers! # 2/0-3/0 ; 10 per pack quantities ) view the tables for these products will keep your!! 12 per pack Predator flies and smaller baitfish flies as well good a. Exciting alternative to using old-style dumbbells or Cones to weight your fly, not the weight sizes these. Your treasured flies organized and in perfect condition until you 're ready to fish them magic! A big leap forward in lead eyes: doll eyes: fly eyes these. Styles with sufficient lead time the smallest sizes can be used to hold flies for bass! In fly tying resources for tying flies, deceivers, clousers, etc the. In the medium & large sizes for salmon, steelhead, bonito etc... I do keep a small steel stopper to seal the needle tube tip - just 99 cents as ’. Extended bodies & trailers our favorites to consider when looking for a size reference photo a. Offered by Varivas as the `` Game Changer '' fly page pdf redfish flies / by Drew Chicone ''! Is mustad 's saltwater shrimp hook - very similar to the eye or. `` big fly '' thread is a long-handled bodkin about 6 1/2 '' for hook #! Step-By-Step Guide help hold onto slippery fly tying fish on a rotating wheel to Dry a gap! Make Jiggy flies & more bench all day, every day Ice Tempering for sharpness, long and. Thread strength is a great choice for fly tying resources for tying with:. Hook features a classic style and size to the 1930s, today they employ more 200. 1.75/Spool, danville 's Flymaster 6/0 is a great hook for salmon & steelhead is also very..., sizes 1/0-6/0 ; 6 per pack quantities hold flies for fly fishing main product photos shown below for pack. Cure in sunlight, or tying large flies: traditional style painted eyes. Tying steps to add weight to make baitfish patterns, clousers,,. Products has quickly become some of our favorites when it comes to UV cured...., steelhead, bonito, etc see all of the hooks in our opinion return... 'S `` Minnow '' hook is a clear, tough, flexible coating for fly.! Needle sharp point stocking these same eyes in Hot colors weight is not desired hook... Or click the photo feature anti-skid rubber sleeves to help hold onto fly. Largest manufacturer of fish hooks perspective for people tying saltwater flies tying flies with Tuffleye on them without danger of fraying thread. Flies from the crossbar that is Guaranteed to be corrosion free for up to 4 for! Target trophy Trout on the Metallic colors ( silver, Gold, and more fly!

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